Overview of Jigsaw

Edited June 2011

The Jigsaw server’s language is Java. Due to this fact the main distinguishing features of the Jigsaw server are:

  • Mobility
  • Extendability
  • Object-oriented style

One of the benefits of the Jigsaw server is that it runs on any platform that can function with Java. Most of the modern platforms support Java which makes Jigsaw a universal server. It consists of the core part and additional modules. It is possible to add extension modules to the server if needed. Besides Java run duration includes garbage and threads collection, and this fact simplifies the task of the extension writer. All the resources are considered as objects, unlike in the majority of existing analogues, which suppose each resource is either a file or a cgi script. So the code of the Jigsaw server is completely object-oriented. No matter whether you use HTTP or another protocol, Jigsaw provides you with access to any object.

Administration tool

JigAdmin Server is controlled by a special tool JigAdmin. The server is capable of controlling of the several Jigsaw servers running on one machine. It gives you opportunity to launch several servers on one machine simultaneously. Swing Components and additional features like Drag and Drop feature make this version of administration tool more comfortable to use and simple.

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